About us

Nitracle is a dynamic Information hub that takes into consideration the topics that matters most to humanity, things humans can barely do without on a daily or weekly basis and one of such content is Music, Video, and Product Reviews to make the right buying decision and above all knowing the right website to surf and making sure you use them rightly to your own advantage and not otherwise.

We are a team of experienced writers, researchers and Bloggers who have come together to curate and make available to the public the best of Music contents, the best of Videos and the best of Product reviews for an informed buying decision, if you are interested in joining the Nitracle family, you can mail us at team@nitracle.com with your areas of specialties among the listed topics below.

Does Nitracle Accept Guess blogging?

Yes, We accept guess blogging as long as your contents are unique, original and detailed

What are my benefits?

First and foremost, for writing intriguing and Interesting contents, your bio will have a link back to your site, your Social Profiles and any other site you might want to link back to and you are allowed to place your Ads on your Contents as long as the ads are in line with Google Adsense policies, if we realize that you are more of a bad ass prolific writer, we will not hesitate to pay you for your content but how do we get to know if you don’t start somewhere.

What if my Topic Areas aren’t here?

If you have interest in a topic not listed below, that’s fine, just let us know about this topic and we will see how we can match you with the right team member to build a new Topic niche but for now these are the current topic niches that we are currently writing for but we believe there will be room for expansion in the future and as that room opens, we will not hesitate to add such topic and start writing at once.

1. People / Professionals / Celebrities: 
In these area we cover the biography of Ordinary people, Professionals down to high profiled celebrities and Public figures detailing who they are, how they became who they are, how to be like them, how to reach out to them and all their Social media handles and mediums to connect and stay in touch with them. Personalities across the world are accepted as long as the contents are unique, original and comprehensive enough with up to 1,500 words in minimum.

2. Apps / Games: 
There are thousands of apps and Games added to the play store each day, week and Months and most of these Apps are solution to people's problem out there but some are not aware of it, writing a detailed and comprehensive piece about these rare Apps and how people can take advantage of the endless possibilities made available on these Apps, we can save people tons of Money and time whenever they turn around to us for help. Do you know of a great App out there or you just released a new App or game on the Play store or iTunes store, we can write about your App with a link back to the Play store where users can download the App or Game.

3. Music / Music Videos / Lyrics: 
Music is a food to the Soul and Spirit, it can come in so many forms, genre, language, Culture, nation and class suiting each and everyone according to their state of mind and mood and understanding, we are creating a large database of Music, Music Videos and their accompanying Lyrics from music artist across the World so that you can get just about anyone to down and listen to whenever you are in need of it.

4. Products / Books: 
People turn to Google every day to search for the right products to buy using words like "Dell Latitude Review" all in a bid to know about the Product before committing Money in buying it, knowing a product you have never used before even before buying it can be tedious but hey, it is possible through genuine and sincere reviews from people who have been opportune to have had one, with their experience and Reviews we can help people make the right buying and commitment decisions.

4. Website / Word: 
The Truth is that some websites on the Internet are not safe while on the other hand some are fake, Scammy, Fraudulent and above all dangerous, but what about not having an understating of how a Website works, what they offer and what other alternatives there are to compare before deciding on which one to opt-in to, that's where we come in, we try as much as possible to create a road-map and Documentation of each website, comparing them with their alternatives and their Pros and Cons without being biased.

5. Places / Local Businesses
There are lots of beautiful places in the World to visit and feel relaxed, some are not quite far away from you while others and charming and more than you can ever imagine, some are cheap while others are totally Free and why you have not been able to find out the time to go visit there is because you never knew of all the prerequisites and requirements to make it to these places, we take the pride in making available to you the full details, scope and Booking for great places around the World with a tourister if required. We write about Hotels, Lounge, Restaurants, Beaches, Schools, Streets, Bus Parks and Terminals, Train Stations, Airports, Recreational places and lots of other Interesting places.

We believe in the brighter Future of Information and sees the need to generate more unique contents for our children and the ones yet unborn. We realized that in today's dispensation and era of Information consumption at milliseconds that we have got to play a very vital role in also generating unique contents and add value to the Internet just as it started and developed by multiple hands across decades.