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Simi Biography                                                

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye was Born  in Ojuelegba of the Lagos State of Nigeria, in the year 1988.
 Simi, as we all know is one of the most prettiest petite Music Artist from Nigeria who started her Music Career and performance when she was young.
She started singing at the age of 16 and came into spotlight in 2008.
Mind you, Simisola is the only girl in the midst of four boy and happens to be the last born.
being in the midst of boys made her more or less of a Tomboy. 
And she was brought-up by a single mum, reason being that her parents were separated in 1997 and that happened to be when she was 9.
Though she started with Gospel songs, few years later she switched over to Secular songs for some reasons best known to her, where she got herself a huge revolution in the music industry in 2014, (after she released "Tiff" ) and was signed into X3M Music the same year.
Being signed in to the X3M music, she was all out for the revolution.
 Simi has released hits including;  Tiff, Jamb Question, and love don't care, just a few to mention. 
Simi has also featured in some cool and awesome hit records, such as: "Soldier(with Falz)" and "No Forget (with Adekunle Gold), that's just a few to mention. 
And mindyou, she got an Endorsment as an  Etisalat Ambassador (one of the Nigerian Telecom firm). 

Simi Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Simi   Ariana Grande Facebook      Simi Instagram     Simi Twitter          YouTube   Simi MySpace   Simi on itune

Simi Top 10 Songs                                           

1. Simi Chemistry MP3, Video & Lyrics

2. Simi Complete me MP3, Video & Lyrics

3. Simi Jamb Question MP3, Video & Lyrics

4. Simi  Halleluya MP3, Video & Lyrics

5. Simi Joromi  MP3, Video & Lyrics

6. Simi Aimasiko MP3, Video & Lyrics

7. Simi Love don't care MP3, Video & Lyrics

8. Simi Open and Close MP3, Video & Lyrics

9. Simi Lovin MP3, Video & Lyrics

10. Simi Tiff   MP3, Video & Lyrics

Simi Top 20 Songs                                           

1. Simi Tiff.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

2. Simi Lovin.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

3. Simi Joromi.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

4. Simi Jamb Question.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

5. Simi Gone for Good MP3, Video & Lyrics

6. Simi Smile For Me  MP3, Video & Lyrics

7. Simi Remind Me (hot)  MP3, Video & Lyrics

8. Simi Aimasiko  MP3, Video & Lyrics

9. Simi Complete Me.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

10. Simi Original Baby  MP3, Video & Lyrics

11. Simi One Kain  MP3, Video & Lyrics

12. Simi Take Me Back.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

13. Simi O wa nbe.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

14. Simi Angelina.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

15. Simi Hiphop Hurray.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

16. Simi Love Don't Care.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

17. Simi. I Dun Care  MP3, Video & Lyrics

18. Despacito  MP3, Video & Lyrics

19. Simi Don't Judge me ( Chris Brown Cover) MP3, Video & Lyrics

20. Simi Bad Energy.  MP3, Video .

21. Simi Ayo.  MP3, Video & Lyrics

Simi Albums                                                     

12 Simi Albums 

1. Ogaju - 2008

2. Take a Chance - 2012

3. Chocolate Brown - 2012

4. Don't Judge me - 2013

5. Bibanke - 2013

6. E No Go Funny - 2014

7. Jamb Question Remix - 2015

8. Open and Close - 2015

9. I Dun Care - 2018

10. Lovin - 2018

12. Unreleased

Simi Videos & Music Videos                           

Simi 2019 Latest songs, music downloads, latest Music Videos 





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Fact about Simi                                         

1. Simi really missed her Dad, that she had to Snapchat it.  :  now you know and that's a Fact.

2. Simi's Mum finally married.

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