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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 5 MP4 Download 96.65 mb [Instant Download]

designated survivor season 2 episode 5

Movie Details                                                                     

Movie Name: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 5
Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 22
Number of Seasons: 2
Released: 2016

The Designated Survivor (designated survivor season 2 episode 5) is one of the most watched and intriguing American Drama Series Produced in Toronto, Canada by ‎Richard Klein and Ann Kindberg. 

Rated 7.7 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), 73% out of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.9 out of 10 on and loved by 97% of Users on Google. This Drama Series is sure a banger and has all you could ever ask for in an Action-packed Movie.

The first Episode was release on the 21st of September 2016 and about 43 Episodes have been released so far in conjunction with Netflix and the American Broadcasting Corporation.   
Shot in the United States imaginary scene, a Low Cabinet Member known as Tom Kirkman least expected that something so tragic and dramatic could happen in a twinkle of his eye that will set a new part for his Life.

Well it did happen and this took him to the Oval Office, where I believe he never taught of visiting. 

During a State of the Union Address, a very devastating attack took place where the President himself and most high classed members of his Cabinets where also killed including key people like the Housing and Urban Development Secretary which was the main Protagonist in the Designated Survivor and he was the Survivor because he Survived.

After this Event and due to the fact that he Survived, he was suddenly promoted to become the Leader of the Free world.
With the sudden change of position, Power, Influence and even Lifestyle, he was caught up in the chaos and battle of keeping the Country in sync and in shape while at the same time trying to get himself to be who he was before the whole flash of occurrences not knowing there is more Horror and terror waiting for him at the helm of his new reality.

There are lot more other Series and Episodes of the Designated Survivor but in this post we are only talking about the download of designated survivor season 2 episode 5 which comes as a .mp4 with an instant link to Download it to your Device, either your Smartphone, a Tablet or your PC, it will sure play.

These are all the Seasons and Details of the Drama Series 

1. Designated Survivor episode season 2, episode 22: Run – 16th May 2016

In this Season, the President made an unexpected surprising announcement that no one actually saw coming after a Natural Disaster threatens the two White House Employees.

2. Designated Survivor episode 2, episode 18: Kirkman Agonistes - 18 – 18th April 2018

The Vice President under Kirkman had a Secret close Door meeting with the entire Cabinet after a leak of Kirkman’s confidential therapy sessions, followed by more contents being exposed.

3. Designated Survivor season 2, episode 14: In the Dark 21st March 2018

These Series’ focused on the scene when a blackout poses a threat on the Government which led to unruly uproar and chaos in the streets of Washington. At this point, the President, Kirkman colluded with Mayor Ellenor Darby. 

4. Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 13: Backfire – 22nd March 2017

Hanna discovers a connection and close ties between the Conspiracy and MacLeish. It was in this Episode that an Investigative Journalist shocked the entire White House by revealing a classified information in an ongoing press Briefing in the White House.

5. Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 6: Two Ships – 1st November 2017

Within this very Series, we were shown how a US Navy ship that had Secret surveillance was stranded in the Waters it shouldn’t have, that of American’s Enemy. Then the President had to Negotiate with the Ship crew for the release of the Ship back to the United States. Meanwhile, Emily Rhodes who happens to be the Chief of Staffs reconnects with someone she knew in her Childhood.

6. Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 12: The Final Frontier – 7th March 2018 

One of the Best Hacks took place in this Episode as a Missile that was intended to send water to stranded astronauts in Space was hacked by an unknown hacker. To save the situation, the President had to work with Russia to salvage the situation and save the Lives of the Astronauts. Also, in this Episode, Hannah gets caught up again and found herself working with Damian again.

7. Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 13: Original Sin 14th March 2018 

Funny enough, there was a Demonstration in the White House after a Video leak of the President visiting the Prison, though his Team were working hard to Normalize the situation before it came as a shock that the demonstration has a deeper tie to the president himself than anyone could ever have imagined.

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After Downloading and enjoying the designated survivor season 2 episode 5, then be ready for a Designated Survivor 3 as it will be hitting the Cinema soon. Though is was cancelled by ABC, following that, there have been an open Discussion with One Entertainment and Netflix which finally came to Success when they both agreed to continue the series which brings us back to the Drama Series, the Designated Survivor.

There are about 22 Episodes and 2 Seasons of the Designated Survivor which has aired for years. At the end of Season 2,  it was noted that ABC cancelled the release of any new or further Episodes of the Series but Netflix is doing a pickup of Season 3 of the Designated Survivors which will be a 10 Episode series, dubbed Order to Designated Survivor and will be a global Netflix Original.

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designated survivor season 2 episode 5 MP4 Download 

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