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Rihanna Suicide MP3, Video & Lyrics - MP3 Download, MP4 Download

Rihanna Suicide MP3, Video & Lyrics                             

Rihanna Suicide MP3, Video & Lyrics

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Artist: Rihanna
Featured artist: None
Album: Unknown
Released: 2010
Genre: Pop
Track Name: Suicide

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rihanna lyrics Suicide

Suicide Lyrics

Everywhere is still
Everything is restless in my heart

I hate the way this feels
Suddenly I'm scared to be apart
The days are dark when you're not around
The air is getting hard to breath

I wish that you would just put me down
I wish that I could go to sleep

Loving you is suicide
I don't know should I go or should I stay
I'm trynna keep myself alive
Knowing there is a chance it's all too late

But I heard you say you loved me
That's the part I can't forget
And I wish that you come save me
Cause I'm standing over the edge..

I should let you go..
Tell my self the thinks I need to hear
But my brain is wired wrong
That's why I'm loving you when you're not here

Feels like I drown in your every word
And every breath that's in between
Somehow you get me where it really hurts
Its killing every part of me

[back to Verse]

Loving you is suicide..
And my world's about to break....
And I...
Had as much as I can take
And love is a long way down

Loving you is suicide
And its getting harder everyday..
I'm trynna to keep myself alive..
Knowing there's a chance it s all too late

And I'm way past every moment
But I'm still determined to fight
And I know it's taking all my strength
To give the emotions alive

Loving you is suicide...

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