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11 best free YouTube to MP3 converter - Reviews, Pros & Cons

The Best free YouTube to MP3 converter 2018            

YouTube to MP3 converter

Today we will be looking into the topic of YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 online converters, these free youtube converters will allow you convert2mp3 free mp3 music from their Music Videos, by copying the YouTube Video URL. 

Music is such an important part of our lives that we cannot do without it, at the same time we have limitations to certain music files on the internet without the help of youtube converter because they are only available on YouTube, Vimeo, IG TV, Daily Motion and other Video sites as Videos but with our YouTube to MP3 converter you can now have any Audio or MP3 file of any Music Video that you find on YouTube and other Video Sites.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 with Nitracle YouTube to MP3 converter?            

YouTube to Mp3 Conversion is a common trend these days and converting any YouTube Music Video to MP3 or MP4 is now a reality with our YouTube to MP3 converter. These Tutorials will show you how to convert youtube video to mp3 and convert youtube video to mp4 respectively.

  1. Copy the URL of the Video you intend to convert to MP3

  2. Head down to and paste the YouTube Video URL in the input field of the converter

  3. Press the Convert button and the Video will display confirming the Video, click to proceed and the MP3 Download link will be presented to you.

  4. Click Download and your Video will be Downloaded to your PC for Offline play, Enjoy. NOTE: If your MP3 file does not download on first click, keep click it until it downloads the MP3 file.

YouTube to Mp3: By using our YouTube to MP3 converter, you can easily convert YouTube videos to mp3 songs, that is the audio version of the song with the feature to also convert the Video and download the mp4 video files. 

They are freely available to download after converting them from YouTube and can be accessible on your Personal Computers, tablets or Mobile Devices without any restrictions or Limitations.

There are different types of Video to MP3 converters out there in the world wide web, though some of them are Desktop software, I will make a list of the available YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters and how you can get and use them.

What is the difference between Online YouTube to MP3 Converters and Desktop YouTube to MP3 Converters?            

There are several advantages attached to using the Desktop YouTube to MP3 Converter as opposed to the online MP3 converters and these reasons are; 

  1. Faster Processing Speed: When converting large Videos online there is always a great deal of speed involved in processing and converting your YouTube Videos to MP3 and MP4 respectively as compared to the Online Counterpart.

  2. Large or Unlimited Video conversion Size: When trying to achieve this same conversion online, there is a limit to the size of Video you can upload or use from YouTube, some sites limits it to 2 Hours running time and maybe Maximum of 500 MB of Video but when you are using a Desktop Software, there is always no limitation as all will be dependent on the Processing speed and capacity of your PC Machine.

  3. Multitasking, Simultaneous and Multi-Processing Capabilities: While the Online software can only allow you to convert one YouTube Video to MP3 per time, the Desktop counterpart will allow you to rip and convert Multiple Videos at the same time giving you a greater level of productivity.

List of the best free YouTube to MP3 converter (Desktop software)            

Though some of them are Desktop software, I will make a list of the available YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converters but the Desktop Software and the Online Web converters and how you can get and use them. 

YouTube alone is a home to Hundreds of Thousands of Videos if not Millions and before now in other for you to convert these Videos to an Audio file in your PC or Phone to listen to it Offline, would take you to download either of these Software but today you can achieve that Online with just few clicks. But in this list, we will be focusing on the Desktop Software for YouTube to MP3 Converter and after then we will talk about list of Online Software to use to convert Videos from YouTube to MP3 and MP4 respectively.

Below we have compiled a list of the very best Tools to use in converter your YouTube Videos to MP3, these programs allow you to rip out the Audio in the Music Videos from YouTube and then save them on your PC as an MP3 or other Audio File Formats that you may want to use. 

NOTE: Not all contents on YouTube are copyright free, some are very much copyrighted and you are advised to get permission from the Copyright owners before downloading their contents as it is deemed illegal to do so without their consent and notice. See YouTube’s Terms of Service to know more about Copyrighted contents and Downloading files from YouTube.

  1. 4K Video Downloader: With 4K Downloader you can seamlessly save Audio files (MP3, Wav, Midi, M4A, OGG, etc formats) from YouTube Videos, compatible with all platforms from Windows down to MAC without Ads.                              All you need do is to head down to either of the Video websites that you use and copy the Video URL of the Video and head back to 4K Video Downloader to paste the URL, Select your preferred Audio formats and click on the Extract button which will in turn convert the Music Video and saved it in the destination folder you set on 4K for extracted Audio files. One thing that sets 4K apart is the ability to download or Extract an entire Playlist up to 24 Videos per time, supporting YouTube to Audio conversion, Vimeo to Audio conversion, Facebook to Audio, Flickr and Daily Motion. If you need a Downloading MP3 converter then head down to 4K Video Downloader Official site to have access to an mp3 converter download. Some of these Software are paid while some offers a Free trial of their MP3 Music converter but out of the list, we still have access to free youtube to mp3 converter download.

  2. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: As the name implies, this online MP3 converter is a free youtube to mp3 converter that allows you to download Albums and Tracks with the Album’s artwork, though this youtube mp3 converter contains some ads, it is what the developers uses to settle bills and Server related cost apart from Development cost to keep the User Interface neat and very intuitive. The greatest uniqueness of this free youtube mp3 converter is the ease and simplicity of use that it offers, it doesn’t have any complicated UI but rather goes straight to the point to deliver what it says with simple to Understand UI.

  3. Any Video Converter Free: These you tube to mp3 converter has great varieties of Video and Audio Formats that you can choose to save your File after conversion. Apart from any video converter free being a youtube clip converter, it can also convert any Video from one format to the other, like converting am MP4 Video to 3GP format which allows for format change. This tool is flexible and great for multiple purposes.

  4. ClipGrab: Clip Grab seems to be the small nice man I love most, an mp3 converter 2 that is kind of smart, immediately you copy a YouTube Video URL in your mouse or clip board and navigate to Clip Grab, it will automatically detect the URL and revive it. It also has a one-click download smooth feature with a full tight integrated Video search embedded in it.

List of 7 best free Online YouTube to MP3 Converter   

NOTE: Not all contents on YouTube are copyright free, some are very much copyrighted and you are advised to get permission from the Copyright owners before downloading their contents as it is deemed illegal to do so without their consent and notice. See YouTube’s Terms of Service to know more about Copyrighted contents and Downloading files from YouTube.

  1. Nitracle YouTube to MP3 Converter: Nitracle has a free mp3 converter that allows you to convert YouTube Videos to MP3 or MP4 files respectively without mush hassle. Though there are other youtube video to mp3 converter online but one thing makes that of Nitracle very unique is that with Nitracle you can have access to youtube to mp4 converter online fast as well as a youtube to mp4 converter online free with no need for Registration. The video2mp3 converter has a sleek responsive user interface that is accessible on your Tablet as well as your Mobile Devices.

  2. Online Video Converter: These website has both a Desktop Software Converter that you can download, install on your PC and use to converter youtube music clips. Head down to Online Video Converter to check it out and let us know what your Experience is in the comment section.

  3. KeepVid: Like the name implies, this website allows you to use their online video converter to mp3, a music converter that gives the capabilities extract audio sound from Videos anywhere online, it is one of the best video to mp3 converter out there.

  4. YT MP3: So, what is ytmp3, you must have guesed it already because the name of the site and it’s URL kindda say it all, it is a youtube video to mp3 converter but also have the youtube to mp4 converting capabilities even with the Option to Save to Dropbox after converting your MP4 or MP3. This youtube music converter is very simple and Intuitive which is the more reason we call it yt mp3 converter. 

  5. MP Gun: These youtube2mp3 converter will shoot any youtube URL to mp3 without delays, it is very fast and takes less than a minute to process, decode and make your converted MP3 file available for download. The MP Gun youtube to mp3 converter online does not only support one conversion extension but rather with it, you can do youtube to avi, youtube to mov, youtube to mp3 and youtube to mp4 hd respectively.

  6. Easy YouTube to MP3: It was really easy to convert the day I tried using this Tool, it didn’t take much longer time to convert my youtube mp3 music that day and besides the interface is easy to understand and relate with, not other user interfaces that you have to study first before using.

  7. Save From: The last but not the least in our top 7 list of youtube2mp3 converter is Save From, a very popular and huge site that supports so many Video sites apart from YouTube, these youtubetomp3converter does youtube2mp3 conversion as well as youtube2mp4 conversion with so many output formats to choose from.

In summary, to have the best of your Music experience, you don’t need too many sophisticated software but rather some only web tools and utilities like the ones I listed above. Try them and let us know what you think in the comment section below.
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