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Download 123movies Free: Download latest movies & Watch HD Movies Online Free

 Download latest movies & Watch HD Movies Online Free

Entertainment which includes Movies, Music, Games and so many other fun engaging stuffs are part of what makes life worthwhile and one of our mission is to keep you entertained and have Fun, today we are introducing 123movies, a website where you can download and watch free Movies in HD, MP4 , 3GP and other formats available free of charge.

Have you been searching for where to download full and complete Movies, Seasonal Movies, Action Movies, Thriller and Fictional Movies online, then we offer you today where you can download Full HD movies free online with complete season movies, 123movies is a trusted website that makes available to the public and it’s visitors great Movies and Films. 

With a large category of Movies and Films encompassing all categories of Movies even down to seasonal Movies with their complete seasons that you can download in Full HD or stream online. 

At 123movies, complete movies, latest movies and free HD movies are the order of the day. 

How does 123Movies Make Money or get Value for offering Movies Freely:

Well, 123Movies gives it visitors access to watch and stream online Movies, Seasonal Movies and TV shows without even the need to register for an Account on their site and neither do they place any advertisement, so I can’t really tell but these Movie portal is very User friendly, Mobile Friendly and full of great Movies and we decided to share it here with our Visitors so they could stay entertained as usual.

One great stuff about 123movies is the arrangement and categorizations of movies on their Portal for easy access, Movies are categorized by Featured Movies, Movie by Country, Movies by Genres, TV Series, Top IMDB, A-Z list, other Movies and lastly the Movie Request Feature which I will explain in detail later on how to use it to request for that latest Movie that was just released or even oldies that you watched a long time ago and would want to watch it again.

How to Download Movies from 123Movies Free

On the 123movies portal you cannot out-rightly click on a download button to download any Movie due to the fact that these Portals makes these Movies only available as a Movie Streaming Portal where Movies are streamed and played online as opposed to downloading them onto your PC but we have devised an alternative way to be able to download these Movies using a third party platform called Tube Offline. NOTE: 123movies have different variations of its site: , and , always try any of them.

So to download the Movies,

2. Copy the URL of the movie you want to download from 0123movies

3. Login to Tube Offline:

4. Press CTRL + F for the search bar to come up, type 123, it will highlight Movies123 Converter/Download

5. Paste the URL and then choose Movie format, with the drop down below the URL section

6. Then click on “Get Video”

7. Follow any instruction given there

8. Wait for the processing to be completed, then have Fun!

How to use the Request Feature to Request for New Movies

The question lots of people ask is this “Can I request for a Movie from 0123Movies?” and the answer is a simple Yes, you can do that, let’s assume that there is a new Movie in Town and you want to watch these Movie and then you head down to to find out that the said Movie is not listed, so what do you do? That’s where the request Movie feature comes in, with this Feature on you can request for a New Movie and the Movie will be made available for you.

How to Request for Movies on 0123Movies

1. Logon to

2. On the Menu Items amongst other items you will see the “Request” menu item

3. Click on it and a Form will pop out asking you to fill the details of the Movie in question

4. NOTE: At this point it will require you to Login or Signup, if you have account already, then Login, else fill your details to Signup. You can also Login with any of the following Social Accounts: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

5. After you have successfully Logged in or Signed up, you can then fill the Movie Request Form.

We believe that you will be able to take good advantage of this website for your own good and benefit and if you are having a challenge or anything seems not to work, kindly leave a comment below and we will be here to assist by checking what could be the challenge. Kindly share with Friends and Family using the Social share button on the website.

Movies you can download today on 0123Movies

1. Werewolf: The Beast Among Us – A Great Action, Fantasy, Horror and Thriller Movie about a Werewolf in the Nineteenth Century.

2. Reprisal - An Action, Crime and Thriller Movie about a Banker Manager hunted by a Violent Heist

3. Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings - While Investigating a Crime Spree, Detective Dee is forced to defend himself against the accusations of Empress WU.

4. Queen of the South See 3 - Teresa makes a deal with an Eccentric Smuggler, Camilla tries to rebuild her Business.

5. Battle Throne - Expendables meets the A-Team, a group of Skilled Mercenaries find themselves betrayed by the US governments

6. A Haunting in Salem -  Horror Movie about a new town Sheriff who moves into a town with his Family, into a large creepy old House, unknowing that the House is Haunted.

7. The Turning - The turning is a Drama exploring the impact of the past on the Present, how the seemingly random incidents that change and shape us can never be escaped.

24 Best Free Movies download websites - 0123Movies alternatives 

1. The Internet Archive 

2. Retrovision 

Movies download Portal

3. The Roku Channel 

4. Popcornflix

5. Crackle

6. Pluto TV 


9. Open Culture

10. Classic Cinema Online 

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