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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 20-year “open” marriage Secret

The Open Marriage of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith - 20 Years & Counting...

Will's 20 years Open Marriage

Have you heard of the word Open Marriage before? Do you know what it actually means? I guess not really for quite a handful of people out there because it might seem somehow weird and unacceptable for some people, personalities, religion, tribe, Culture or Nation but against all odds this is what is keeping the Marriage of the renowned Actor, Will Smith and her Beautiful Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith who according to Mamamia has disclosed that this is the source of their string going and healthy marriage that have thrived for the past 20 years, that’s about 2 decades of a flourishing sweetness that is rarely found amongst people in that field and Profession, which is a more reason why people are more interested in knowing how they manage to do it not until the breakdown was made available to us via Mamamia.

The Gist about Will Smith & Jada Smith

& Jada Smith Open Marriage

Okay here is the gist, sometime around this year, the Couples, Will Smith and her betrothed Wife and Princess, Jada Pinkett Smith did their 20 years Wedding Anniversary, or rather marriage Anniversary if you will like to put it that way and you know that such things are seldomly found, experienced or known among Celebrities, most especially the Actors in Actress in Hollywood to be more precise, so whenever anyone in this profession ties the knot, so many people are always predicting the doomsday of their breakup and its almost more of an expectation than a surprise when the breaking news hits the media like wild fire burning a dry forest, but this couple’s marriage had played out very differently against all odds with not just a couple of years but a full 2 decades of of marriage, oh my, that is really applaudable but wait a minute, before you clap for them, get to know the secret and how they did it, if it will appeal to your beliefs system or not before you rain down your praises but for now go ahead and carry out your appraisal of this Secret below.

History about Will Smith's Open Marriage

Will Smith and Margot Robbie

Around year 2005 Will Smith himself told The New York Post that even though he was married to Jada as her Wife, he could actually still sleep with anyone that he is attracted to but with a requested and granted permission from the Wife, Jada, at same point, he made a comment that his Co-Star Eva Mendes was so gorgeous and after saying that I believe people were like “You can’t say that Will, off course you are a Married man” and his responds was that a comment like that is not what the Wife will be worried about as it wouldn’t be a thing to her, now where did such Self-control or high self-esteem and regard came from? No, it’s about the perspective rather and theirs is that

“You are always going to be attracted to People which is normal and you can’t avoid it which is like trying to cheat Nature”

Will Smith further added that when they were vowing to each other, there was no clause of part that said that they were going to forsake each other but rather what they vowed to each other was not to ever allow something to happen after the fact, which is more like Will Smith could get attracted to a gorgeous personality that he would want to have sex with, then he is going to tell the Wife Jada saying “hey Sweetie pie, I just ran into this Gorgeous looking Girl and she is bae and I would love to have Sex with her, what’s your respond, is it approved, if you aren’t going to approve this one then I won’t do it, but please do me a favor by approving it because I need to have Sex with this girl so badly. So this more like a cheating with Permission thing.

The main Perspective about their supposed Open Marriage 

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

But don’t get me wrong, this is more of a perspective of this couples and we can’t really tell for sure if it does happen, because in his last words, it was clearly stated there (“If it came down to it”), meaning that if actually such happened, that is what it would be.
So in a nutshell, the perspective is more of a Selfless one that cares for the feelings of the opposite partner as long as what they do makes them happy, just like Jada stated in a HuffPostLive Video Interview in April of 2013. This is something someone once said to his Girlfriend about playing safe, she said as long as my Man knows his way back and where his heart belongs to, he can play games for all she cares but above all, he should play safe to avoid complications. It is some kind of matured perspective but like I noted from the onset, it will be condemned and backlashed by so many but who cares?

So my question would be this, where is her Jealousy, it seems she doesn’t have one and its freaking Awesome for someone to be able to cope with such Mindset, she believes that Will Smith is not her Possession and that it is not true or possible for a man not to be attracted to another women which she claims is unrealistic and that your man being attracted to another woman does not mean he doesn’t love you, he might cherish you and still loves you but just wants to have a change of sex for a while , while still acknowledging the fact that you are the his primary partner.

These where Will Smith’s message on their Anniversary;
Twenty years ago today we held hands and walked naively down that aisle," he wrote. "Here’s what I’ve learned since."

"Love is like gardening... I have learned to focus on HELPING you to BLOSSOM into what YOU want to be (into what you were born to be)... Rather than demanding that you become what my fragile ego needs you to be.

"I’ve learned to take pleasure in nourishing YOUR dreams... Rather than wrestling with you to fulfil my selfish needs and satiate my insecurities.

"I have learned that Love is listening. Love is giving. Love is freedom.

"Happy Anniversary, my queen! I am forever devoted to nurturing your deepest truth," he concluded.

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