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Ody Bassey Agbor - Author & Healthy Relationship Advocate

Ody Bassey Agbor - Author & Marriage Expert

Biography of Ody Bassey Agbor

Ody Bassey Agbor also known as Ody Adede Agbor on her Relationship and Marriage book, titled: Before you get Married, The Secrets to building a lasting relationship is a lecturer at Elder Oyama Memorial College of Education of Cross River State, she is a God lover, Book lover, Author, Writer and above all Passionate about impacting her world with knowledge, she is also a vibrant and prolific writer who has written quite a great piece on relationship, marriage, humility and other great areas of concern.

What is Ody Bassey Agbor's Educational Background?

She holds a (Hons) in Sociology from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and also holds a Master Degree in Marketing and Communications from the prestigious world class Middlesex University in the United Kingdom. I mean you know what it means to have achieved all these, it shows the level of achievement and milestone that she has put together for herself being the goal getter that she is. She is amongst one of the brightest minds in Business and a Career woman.

What is Ody Bassey Agbor known for?

She is a great advocate and writer for a flourishing and healthy relationship and she not only writes but goes as far as counseling and inspiring singles on the subject of marriage and how they can end up in a Harmonious and long lasting Marriage. Through her great write-ups and contents, she opens up the eyes of the youths and singles alike on what Marriage looks like and the things they ought to put in place before venturing into the forever covenant of clinging to another stranger for a life time, she goes as far as debunking the Myths of Marriage people assumes, she also talks about the nitty-gritties and the responsibilities that one has to prepare for when planning or intending to embrace the marriage kind of life.

Ody also runs a weekly program series that she calls”Friday Dose with Ody”, an impactful series on relationship and Marriage which gives her audience access to great and impactful contents. More Programs like these are what we need in our society today, to heal and also prepare singles for a better Marriage life ahead of them.

Ody Bassey Agbor's Book, "BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED"

Marriage is a very beautiful thing no doubt but when you do it the wrong way, for the wrong reason or with the wrong intention in mind, that supposed beautiful thing that Marriage was assumed to be will become an awful thing that you will forever regret and think that people who calls it a beautiful thing are mad, but the reality check is that you have to be prepared for it, you need to be well equipped for it just as Soldiers are trained for battle and Students are taught in school in preparation for the Job market, and above all you have to be well aware of the responsibilities and sacrifices that comes with it even before you embrace it so that it won’t be a surprise or shock to you when you finally experience it, these and other areas and topics are what Ody’s Book, BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED has dealt with comprehensively, so kindly go get your copy today by connecting with Ody in person.

Social Profiles of Ody Bassey Agbor

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