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LinkCollider - Review: Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media

Why should I use Linkcollider?

LinkCollider - Review: Website Ranking Tool Using Social Media

The Search engine Optimization and Marketing game plan changes all the time, just as a child grows to know more better than what he used to know, that’s how the Search engine evolves every now and then, dealing with Spam, black hat SEO schemes that uses dirty techniques to lure the search to send down thousands if not millions of traffic to their site even when they don’t deserve it.

For the last couple of years Google have been updating their Search Engine Algorithm which otherwise makes the search bots and crawler more smarter, wiser and Intelligent on what site to rank over the other against the schemes deployed by shady techniques to outsmart the search engine, with releases or update of each of this algorithm, Google gives them a name, like Google Panda, Google Penguin and so on and so forth, this has been going on for a while and according to a research done by some reputable Search Engine expert company Backlinko, there are about 200 list of things that the Google search engine precisely considers to determine your ranking status and one of them was Social Signals. Check out Google's 200 Ranking Factors updated 2018  

What is Social Signal?

Social Signal on Nitracle

Today Social Media has dominated our life and the Internet has not been so engaged and intertwined like before, today Social Media plays a big role in our daily lives and it accounts for the second source of Traffic to Millions of websites around the world after search Engine which by no doubt will make Social Signal one of Google’s ranking factors.
Social Signals are those things that occur on your Social Media Account and handles, Example;

Facebook Page likes,

Facebook Post share,

 Facebook Post like

Facebook Post Comments

Messenger response rate,

Twitter followers,

Twitter Retweets

YouTube Subscribers,

YouTube Video Views

Instagram Followers,

Pinterest Pin of your contents

Sound cloud Followers

Tumblr Posts

Stumbleupon Posts

WordPress  rePosts

WordPress rePosts

Google Plus, Etc

The Search Engine giant Google, listens to all these to determine the usefulness and trustworthiness of your website which makes it one of the most crucial aspect of your Search Engine Marketing efforts.

So as people keep interacting with your Brand and Social Media handles and pages and carrying out those activities I mentioned above, this sends a signal to Google, saying it seems these guys have great stuff and people are liking it, why don’t we rank them higher on our SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) so that more people can get to see them, that way you end up getting more Organic Traffic, i.e: Traffic from search Engine which are mostly targeted and comes in every now and then freely as opposed to paid advertising.

What Is Linkcollider?

Like I made mentioned earlier, Linkcollider helps you achieve these milestone of improved Search Engine Social Signal which in turns help you rank well on search engine ranking page (SERP), therefore giving you a better SEO status.

Linkcollider is a website ranking tool that uses Social media site signals like the ones I made mentioned above to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which in turns increases your website traffic but not limited to your Facebook likes, YouTube Subscribers, Instagram followers and other Social Activities that you may think of.

How does Linkcollider work? 

So how does it work and where does the likes, shares and followers comes from, are they bot or real humans doing this stuff?

How does Linkcollider works

The truth is that sites like these are not so much in terms with Google in the sense that they are not directly Organic acts (Liked intentionally by someone because they actually liked it), but if you look at it on the other hand, it is Okay and Great, because even Facebook charges people Money to sell likes to them by showing their page to more people when they pay BUT Linkcollider on the other hand pairs Social Media owners to exchange likes for points, and then use their points to in turn trade for Likes, Followers, Tweets and other Social Media Activities than then translates to the actual end result in this case Social Signal, though it is a two sided coin thing which means you will not only get Social Signal but actual Likes, Followers and Subscribers.

As at the time of my writing, Linkcollider had more than 420,000 users from 200 Countries around the world using their platform.

Apart from Social activities like the ones I mentioned above, Linkcollider also offers tools and Utilities that could help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. With these tools you can get better SEO and web traffic to your Site.

Backlink Generator: 


      Backlinks are somewhat of a popularity contest. If people like your site and they like your content, they want to share your information with the world. This is done through backlinking and major search engines use the amount of backlinks your site has as a way to gauge how popular your site - outside of website traffic.

Comment Backlinking or Drop my Link: 

Drop My Link - Promote Website & Create Free Backlinks

Looking for an easier way to build backlinks? Unlike our backlink generator, the Drop My Link tool allows you to look for sites with a comment section. Within that section, you can "drop" your link and instantly start receiving quality backlinks.

Search Engine Submission: 

Submit Website to Google and Other Search Engines

These days, you can't count on a search engine to automatically crawl your website. Our Search Engine Submission tool enables you to submit website to Google and other search engines like: Yahoo, Bing - and also MSN, AOL, and Excite.

 Bookmark Submission: 

Bookmark Submission - A Bookmarking Tool for SEO

Bookmarking sites is a great way to gain a stronger online presence and for getting traffic to your site. LinkCollider’s free bookmark submission tool will submit your site or blog to hundreds of bookmarking sites with great Page-rank. You’ll start seeing your web traffic increase as it boosts your site ranking in SEO.

Directory Submission: 

Directory Submission - Submit Website to Free Web Directory

Directories are an important way to get your website found. Our directory submission tool will automatically submit your website to free web directory that are frequently indexed by the best search engines.

HTML Format for SEO: 

HTML Format for SEO - Improve Search Engine Visibility

HTML plays a big role in how your web-pages are seen by people and search engine spiders. There are a few helpful tips in understanding what to do to get your HTML up to par so that it's crawled properly and ranked highly in search engines.

Keyword Tools: 

Keyword Tools - Google Keyword Research

Keywords are the key to search engine optimization. Your website's ranking, page rankings, and traffic generation rely on it.

Character Counter: 

Character Counter - Optimize Content for better SEO

Character counting is important for SEO and social media. You don't want a Facebook post that's too long or a meta description that runs over 165 characters.

 Link Shortener: 

Link Shortener - Shorten Long URLs

Link shortening is a very common practice. Shortened links are used to hide tracking URLs and also give you a chance to track how many people are coming to your site using a specified URL.

Sitemap Generator: 

Sitemap Generator - Create Sitemap Instantly

Every webmaster wants the search engines to index their website quickly. The easiest way to achieving that is by using a sitemap - more specifically an XML sitemap.

Plagiarism Checker: 

Plagiarism Checker - Check Content Uniqueness

Plagiarism is illegal and nothing damages a website's reputation more than plagiarized content.

PageRank Checker: 

PageRank Checker - Check Website Page Rank

The dream of every webmaster is to have a favorable website page ranking. Your PageRank tells you how your website is performing. It tells Google how much weight or authority your web pages have in search. It helps detect the deficiencies of your site. The ranking is from zero to nine, the higher the rank, the better.

Alexa Checker: 

Alexa Checker - Check Website Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking is a ranking system set by (an subsidiary) that takes a look at the public frequencies of visits on various websites. It's a form of audit that's based on the amount of traffic that gets recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser over a period of three months.

 Spintax Tester: 

Spintax Tester - Compiles Spintax

This tool will compile the spintax you composed so you can see how it is looking before using it.

Article Spinner: 

Article Spinner - Automatically Generates Spintax

This tool will automatically generate a spintax based on every word of your content/article.

Article Rewriter 

Writing and creating unique articles can be time consuming but it's often a necessary evil for improving your search visibility and your social rankings.

LinkCollider Article Rewriter makes creating unique articles much easier. Simply use the this tool with existent content to recreate articles.

How to use Linkcollider?

When you sign up on Linkcollider and add your Website, Social Media pages or handle you can then start liking other peoples Facebook page, Subscribe to other people’s YouTube Channel, Follow other people’s Instagram page and all sort of Social Activities in exchange for points.

The point people give for an activity is flexible starting from 10 Points to 50 points per activity, so when you want to earn point and you navigate to the earn point section, you will see different activities with their point reward like 10 point / Facebook like, 50 point / YouTube Subscriber, etc. You will click on the like button and successfully like the page and then click on the Verify button to verify that you had actually liked it.

NOTE: Even after successfully liking the Facebook page, if you don’t click on the very button to verify your activity, you will not earn the point for such activity and your like will just go in vein.
After you have successfully gotten quite a number of points, your own Social Media pages will start getting its own likes, subscribers, and followers in real time. So apart from the Social signal benefit, Linkcollider will help you increase your Social Media Followers, Likes and Subscribers which also gives people the impression that your brand is a strong brand and that people loves it.

Linkcollider Alternatives?

 Variety is the spice of Life they say and for gaining Social Signal for your Brand, Linkcollider is just one of them, I have listed below 11 Linkcollider alternatives as there are quite a handful of other Website Ranking Tools using Social Media that can be of value when Linkcollider is not just enough, for instance Linkcollider does not offer Instagram related Social Activities like Followers, Like, and Comment whereas a Linkcollider alternative like Traffup does and has more intuitive and simple Interface than Linkcollider. Apart from that, Linkcollider has a limit to what you can do until you upgrade to their paid plan.

Using the Free basic plan of Linkcollider, you can only add a maximum of 3 websites / Social Media handle and can only use a maximum of 2,000 points per day and creating multiple account is forbidden and might get your second account / link disabled, they have all your links in their database, so if you create another account to add that same link, it will be detected. So at this point the need for an alternative comes in and below are the list of Linkcollider alternatives that you can start using right away.

1. Traffup: 


Traffup is just like Linkcollider but with more Social Sharing functionalities than Linkcollider, after using Linkcollider for a while, I then stumbled upon Traffup which covered the Instagram gap that Linkcollider didn’t cover, Traffup is more deep to the point that you can actually promote every single Instagram post that you have, by allowing people to like and comment on it for a point. Traffup has a Premium PRO Account that starts from $9.99.

2. Twiends: 

Twiends Social Sharing Site

Twiends Is focused mainly on growing your Twitter followers, twiends helps you expose and connect you with other Twitter Followers on Twitter, Twiends list users based on Country and Interest so that your connection and followership will be more targeted therby converting properly.

3. YouLikeHits: 

Youlikehits Social Exchange site

You Like Hits is a Promotonal tool to grow your Social Media platforms, pages and handles, they offer Free Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, Pinterest Followers and lots more

4. Addsocials: 

Addsocials - boost your social account

Add Socials allows you to buy Instagram Likes, Facebook likes, Facebook Followers, YouTube Likes and Subscribers, Twitter Followers and Likes from real humans. According to their site, Add Social said they have been in Business since 2011 and have over 75,000 satisfied Clients.

5. Fanslave: 

Fanslave - Social Network Marketing

In Fanslave you can exchange Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+1 clicks, Youtube views and traffic connections for free.

6. Follow Back:

Followback - More Followers

Followback allows you to Pay a User to Like, Post, Comment or Followback on Social Media.

7. Hit Follow: 


Hitfollow is an Easy way to Get Free Twitter Followers Fast. Get More Followers = Get More Visitors + Traffic + Customers

8. Let's Get More Followers:  


Lets Get More Followers: is the number one way to gets tons of twitter followers. Our site is free and user friendly.

9. NewFollow: 


New Follow is the number one way to gets tons of twitter followers. Our site is free and user friendly.

10: PlusFollower: 


Plus Follower - Get more twitter followers free

11. Shareyt: 

Shareyt Social exchange platform

Shareyt is a crowd-sourcing platform to help you improve social media presence, get more exposure and boost search engine ranking. Enjoy Free social media marketing or try our paid guaranteed packages.

Linkcollider + Adsense Worth It?

Google Adsense and Linkcollider

There are lots of people who might feel that since they can get tons of Traffic from Linkcollider on a daily basis that they can use it on their Google Adsense enabled website, to me that would be a very bad Idea because one of the Features I would not recommend on Linkcollider any day, anytime would be the Autosurf and Click feature that allows people to surf or visit your website for a point. 

The Idea of people visiting your site for points isn’t bad at all but what is bad is the fact that these people don’t really care about the content of your site, neither will they even spend up to time looking at it, your site will be served via an iframe and a timer will be reading for like 10 seconds thereabout and after that, they will earn their point and it will load to the next website, as long as they keep that window open, it will keep loading like that till they have surfed hundreds of sites without any activity on it.

So assuming you had AdSense on the site, two bad things will happen to your AdSense and site traffic

1. You will only have so much Impression and no clicks which will look odd, there is no way that your site would have thousands of impression without a click on a real instance if things where to be organic and normal.

2. Your Google Analytics will show a heavy traffic coming from Linkcollider which might trigger a bad signal to Google that you are using an auto surf / auto impression scheme which they hate so much. Checkout the disadvantages of Linkcollider to learn more about the negative side of Linkcollider and how to use it the white hat way.

What are the disadvantages of using Link Collider?

There is a saying that goes that everything that has an Advantage also has its Disadvantage and that is also the case for Linkcollider but the good news is that you can actually use it wisely thereby harnessing and putting into use just the positive side of it, so before we look at the best ways to use it, let’s look at the disadvantages.

1. Manually collecting points:

It is a very tedious and painful task for some people to manually like other people’s social media handles in other to use it to trade for likes, followers and Subscribers and on the other hand the buying points could be somewhat expensive for most people.

2. Poor Bounce Rate:

Like I made mentioned earlier, I will not advise anyone to use the autosurf or Clicks feature on Linkcollider because it will tarnish your site’s Bounce rate.


What is bounce rate?

Linkcollider autosurf increases your Bounce rate


Bounce rate is the time at which people spend on your website before leaving immediately after they arrived at your website from Google, a link or directly, if people arrive at your website and don’t spend much time and then hit the back button or close the window, a bounce rate will be recorded and the higher your bounce rate, the bad the news becomes.


Because one of Google’s factors for ranking your website higher on its SERP is the bounce rate, being that these auto-surf or click guys that clicks to access your website does it for the point, they won’t waste time on your site and will leave in 10 seconds time after they have earned their point which will record a higher bounce rate on your website, signaling Google that it may seem that your website content is not valuable because through bounce rate signals received, people tend not to stay longer on your website after visiting and this will make Google push down your website from its higher Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP), decreasing your Organic Traffic from Google.

3. Short Term Likes, Followers, Share & Subscribers:

Now not everyone loves sharing or posting random and unnecessary things on their Social feeds or handles but due to the fact that they are doing it to achieve a certain goal, they will temporarily do it and after earning their points, they delete it. On Facebook for instance people will share your stuff but with the privacy settings kept on only me which means they are the only ones seeing the post and no one else on their friend list will see it which defeats the main essence of sharing your content on their timeline or group in the first place.

4. Fake or Spam Account:

Now some people who loves the idea of growing their followers using a tool like Linkcollider but would not want to get their Social pages littered with random unknown contents, would create another fake Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr account just for the purpose of liking and sharing your contents and on these fake accounts, no one follows them nor anyone sees your Contents that they have shared on there which also partially defeats the essence except for the fake follower list that you would have.

5. Fake Blog and Blog Post:

The second bad thing that happens on Linkcollider after Click and autosurf is the WordPress posts, Tumblr posts and BlogSpot posts, I mean when they do a blog post of your content on these blogs, go check it out, it would either that the Blog post have been deleted afterwards or the site is just a spam site generated just for the sole purpose of dumping short contents.

6. Spam Backlinks:

Another tool or utility on the Linkcollider platform that tops my 3rd bad disadvantages of the platform after WordPress, Tumblr and BlogSpot blog is the Linkcollider backlink services which is charged at 150 Points / backlink. I tried Linkcollider’s backlink service for like five days and believe you me that all the links or rather sites that my links where placed on where pure spammy and the sites are worse than even your new site that you are trying to build, so why get a backlink from such site?

Now considering all these disadvantages, you will agree with me that they are not only just bad but somehow has a bad adverse effect on your websites health and SEO which will in turn do more harm than good. Now the fault isn’t Linkcolliders because they don’t really have the mechanism or capacity to be able to monitor those activities that people have done to earn points afterwards which makes the service you get on there a bit unrealistic, ineffective and non-stable and you know that in our world today people just love being bad.

So does it mean that Linkcollider is a Scam and entirely bad?

The answer is NO, Linkcollider is not a Scam website, it is legit and was built with good faith, just that;

1. They have a long way to go in terms of perfecting the system and one of them is by categorizing Subscription, Follower-ship by interest and Country just like I saw on Twiends.

2. People have made it bad by not being faithful when doing things to earn Points, they go back and remove it afterwards

3. People use fake instead of real Accounts to do things

So how do I use Linkcollider the right way?


Good Question you just asked there, the truth about website Traffic has remain untold by so many today because people in the world are always on the fast lane of things, they want things to happen overnight and if it doesn’t they give up thinking it isn’t working but truth be told, it is working and with time you will see your result as long as you are doing the right stuff and you don’t give up, but remember the right stuff is always not that easy.
So following the steps below you should be able to take advantage of Linkcollider’s tools properly without even hurting your website’s SEO, because the truth is that Google flags websites, puts some in their sandbox and also de-rank others from their SERP based on bad reputation and doing stuff that are not right to them on your website.

1. Build Backlinks

Build legitimate Backlinks gradually by using Neil Patel and Brian Dean’s Strategy. This is the first thing to do for a new website, this way you will build your Domain Authority. 

NOTE: Even if you have great contents on your site and your Contents are well optimized SEO-wise, if your Domain Authority is low, you will still be struggling to rank higher, noticed that Google's SERP is always littered with big brands and sites with high Domain Authority and this is achieved through the number of links or websites pointing back to their site or content + their Domain Authority and other factors.

Domain Authority and Googles SERP

2. Conduct Keyword Research 

Conduct Keyword Research and spice those Keywords on your Contents in such a way that they blend in without making it so obvious.

3. Get Social Signals

Get real targeted Social media boost + that from Linkcollider, NOTE: Just Facebook likes, Instagram Followers and YouTube Subscribers

4. Write Great and Comprehensive Contents

Write Great Contents of up to a 1,500 – 5,000 words if you can, original and unique contents

5. Build and Optimize your On-Page SEO

Focus on building your On-Page SEO by optimizing your page, making your website responsive and having the right meta tags

6. Get more Social

Use all your Genuine Social Media Accounts on sites like Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc to share your Original Quality contents everyday immediately after you post them.

7. Connect and Stay Connected

Build a network of Friends and like-minded contacts to help you share your contents immediately after you post them, at some point you can offer something of value to them in exchange for this.

8. Be Patient & wait for Harvest time 

Then patiently wait while you do this, the truth is that it takes 6 solid Months or more for your new site’s contents to start receiving traffic from Google, so before you give up, do all these things and make sure you are on the right path for 6 months then after six months, compare your traffic from then and now.

For Suggestions, Recommendations and Questions, please kindly leave your comments in the comment section below and I will be glad to respond.

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