Sunday, July 8, 2018

Before you get Married - The Secrets to building a lasting relationship - Buy Book now

The Secrets to lasting relationship

Being in a wrong relationship or getting married to the wrong person can be disheartening. However, being the wrong spouse is worse.

Why is the rate of divorce on the increase? Why do people rush into marriage without having the right knowledge about what it takes to build a lasting relationship? Many young people need to invest their time in preparing for marriage.

Some godly ones are faced with the issue of maintaining sexual purity in a world where people place little or no value on abstinence from sex till the right time. Heartbreaks have become the order of the day and the pain badly hurts. Some people do not know what to do while waiting for love to find them. What becomes the fate of that African woman under serious pressure to settle down once she reaches a particular age? Should she settle for any man just because she wants to change her marital status quickly?
Indeed, we need to learn and unlearn. BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED is not just a random book but a practical guide for people who truly desire lasting relationships. In this book, you would find answers to your relationship problems.

I sincerely hope that this book would help you have a meaningful and godly relationship.

Author: Ody Bassey Agbor
Price: ₦2,000
Category: Relationship

 Before you get Married

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