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Abasiama Idaresit - Technology Entrepreneur & Wild Fusion Founder

Abasiama Idaresit - Technology Entrepreneur

Abasiama idaresit Biography

Who is Abasiama Idaresit: he is one of the greatest and most successful Entrepreneurs in the Nigerian / African Digital Marketing space which he has dominated and netted millions within a period of time. With the emergence of Smartphones and mobile content consumption in this Digital Marketing Era, Abas has carved a niche for himself in this new age's Marketing terrain, helping both National and Multi-national brands like Unilever, Eco Bank and the likes to create and launch strong marketing campaigns that will transform the Sales and leads of this Brands. In a time span of 3 years, Abas started and grow his Digital Marketing Firm with a seed fund of $250 to about $6 Million Dollars. Abas used Baby M, a small offline store that carters for the needs of expecting mothers, pregnant women and their kids to show Africa how the Internet could be used to increase their Sales, leads and Revenue. You can read more about this case study on Huffington Post.

Where is Abasiama Idaresit from

Abas Idaresit, born in Calabar, the Capital city of Cross River State in Nigeria where he did his Primary and Secondary education with Ido-ani and Ikot Ekpene respectively including the Federal Government Colleges, he is also the Founder of Wild Fusions, a digital Marketing Agency with Offices in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Abas Idaresit is also a member of the Advisory board of Social Media Week Lagos.

What is Abas known for?

There is always a saying in the Entrepreneurship Terran that goes thus "Money is not really the problem" which means that with little or no Capital, one can kick start his or her venture from $0 or as low as $300 to hundreds of Millions in as much he or she knows the necessary condiments to include in the sauce and that was the case of Abas who started his Business with a Seed funding of $250 and in no time turned the Business into a Multi Million Dollar company with offices across three countries in West Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana), with Lagos Nigeria being the biggest Market for his Venture.

Abas has also been listed as one of the most influential 100 African economic leader of the Future, it was noted by a Paris based Think tank Choiseul Institute for International Politics and Geo-economics. An independent research center that is involved in analyzing international relations, economic and Political Strategies in Paris of France.

A short Video on Abasiama Idaresit's Success Story on YouTube.

Which Companies and brands has Abasiama Idaresit worked for

Abas Idaresit has been able to prove himself as an impact and a thought leader in the tech space by empowering other African Businesses and advocating for Technology adoption in startups, he has worked with several brands like Diamond Bank, Knorr Maggi, Uniliver, Ecobank, Interswitch, Planned Parenthood, Visa, Samsung, Pepsi, Omo detergent, Vodafone Ghana, Nairobi Stock Exchange and other Brands alike to run Successful digital Marketing Campaigns, increasing their leads and opt-ins.

Wild Fusion Digital Center: When did Abasima Idaresit started Wild Fusion?

He founded Wild Fusion in 2010 with a seed funding of $250 and ever since then he has taken the Company to 2 other West African Countries apart from Nigeria, his Business currently has a presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. His Company Wild Fusion as at 2016 won the MWA Award in the Mobile and Brand Development Category at the Mobile West Africa Conference in the same year. After graduating from the London School of Economics, where he earned his Degree in Information Systems and Management, in 2008, he decided to return back to Nigeria to impact Nigeria and Africa at large with the power of the Internet.

Wild Fusion was the first company in Nigeria to have become Google Adwords Partner and the first certified Google Adwords Partner in West Africa, due to the strategic explosion of the Company in the Digital Marketing Space in West Africa and Africa at large, the Search Giant had no option than to partner with the Company.

Abasiama idaresit age: What is Abasiama Idaresit's age

A lot of people would always ask the Question: How old is Abasiama Idaresit?, but as at the time of writing, his age is not Officially declared in any public repository known to us but with data so far, we can assume him to be around the age range of 32 - 42 Years old.

[Updated] Abas is 34 Years old according to The Habari Network

Abasiama idaresit alma maters: What is Abasiama Idaresit's Educational Background

He graduated from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and London School of Economics (Alma maters), where he obtained his Degrees, looking at the weight if this Educational Institutions he attended, we can't argue but agree to the fact that Abas will be a great product with experience, exposures and impact for his Community, Society and the world at large. A Graduate of Information Systems and Management and an experienced Digital Marketing Expert through the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Corporate Social Responsibilities and Social Initiatives

Through the Education for Democracy and Development Initiative (EDDI), like the one here on LinkedIn slideshare, Abas has been able to help, empower and assist visually impaired persons using accessible Technologies, which shows how vibrant and compassionate this personality is. Based on my personal Experience meeting with Abas, I can say that he is a great person with a heart of Gold.

What is Abasiama Idaresit Net worth

Abas is among one of the gleanest Tech Entrepreneurs In Africa who have been opportuned to work with big Brands, shaping his future and dominating the Digital Marketing landscape with a clear financial track record through his Company Wild Fusion, it is estimated that Abas's net worth should be within $1.2 Million Dollars but we are looking out for more sources to have the most accurate figure but in estimate we have the figure above.

Abasiama meaning: What is the meaning of Abasiama Idaresit

Abasiama is a native name of the Ibibio tribe in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria which means God's Love, Abasi means God while Ama means Love, while Idaresit means Happiness or Joy, at times his name is shortened to Abas Idaresit. Abasiama is a unisex Efix/Ibibio name that means God love but most of the times it is always preferably used for the male Sex, there is an estimated 5,000 - 10,000 people bearing this name mostly from the Efik, Ibibio, and Anag tribe.

Business opportunities in nigeria related to Wild Fusion lagos

One of the reasons we write about people is to tell you more about these persons, how they started, what niche they are in and how you can follow in their foot steps.

There are lots of Business Opportunities in Nigeria related to digital marketing, digital marketing in Nigeria a big market with few Innovative competitors and it is ever increasing each day, so if you have a flare for Marketing or have a basic knowledge in Marketing offline and wants to take your Marketing Business online, there are skills that you will have to acquire to get yourself equipped for the ride.

According to Statista, global digital advertising spending within 2015 to 2020 will hit $335.5 Billion Dollars. In 2015 global Digital Advertising  was around $161.77 Billion, while in 2016 it went up to $194.6 Billion and in 2017, it was reported to be at $229.25, whereas it is estimated that this figures will soar to $269.85 Billion in 2018, $304.34 Billion in 2019 and $335.48 in 2020 respectively.

Digital advertising spending worldwide

There was a study published by Direct Marketing Association, by John Deighton and Peter Johnson, a Harvard Business School Professor and a Professor in the Columbia University that examined both Online and offline marketing deeply. Now in 2012, Traditional Offline Marketing was estimated at about $93.6 Billion dollar according to the study.

So what Business does Abasiama Idaresit operates?

He operates an Advertising Agency and there are quite a list of Advertising agencies in Nigeria in which few also engage in Digital marketing. Though we refer to it as Digital marketing companies in Nigeria, they literally mean the same thing and offer almost the same service which is Advertisement maybe through Digital print, websites, Social Media, Sponsored post, Mobile, Broadcast media, etc. You have to bring in Innovation to spice your own kind of Advertising Agency, with Innovation and the right pricing model you can dominate the market. You will need Social Media Marketing Skills, Google Adwords Skills, Google Analytics skills and the Ultimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill.

Today you can easily acquire Skills from sites like Udemy, Audacity and Lynda or get a personal mentor from Code mentor to mentor and coach you on any area of your discipline.

Social Profiles of Abasiama Idaresit

To connect with him on LinkedIn, follow through this link to connect with Abasiama Idaresit on LinkedIn:  Linkedin
To connect with him on Twitter, follow through this link to connect with Abas Idaresit on Twitter:  Twitter
To connect with him on Facebook, follow through this link to connect with Abasiama Idaresit on Facebook: Facebook
Reach out to him in Person: Click here to book an Appointment with Abas Idaresit.

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