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We have Billions of People all over the world but out of these Billions of People, some are unique and outstanding in one area of specialization or the other while others have impacted our lives through their music, Talent and Gifts but the truth remains that despite having one talent or gift, they actually worked their way up to where they are today and we can always learn from their experiences and Lessons to become like them or yet still more. Follow us as we explore the personalities, traits, failures and Successes of these great minds.

Today there is literally an App for nearly everything you do in life, from photo editing, news, sport, News, Schooling down to Banking, there is something for everything but how do you get to know the right app out there in a clustered Marketplace of so much noise, that’s exactly what we do here, testing, dissecting and choosing the right App for the right task. Stay tuned as we unveil the endless possibilities available to you throughout diverse App stores and Marketplace.

Music has always been a part of Humanity right from time, it might come as sounds of rhythm, beats or Instruments which sooths the Spirit, Body and Soul of many giving them a soothing relief from boredom, stress, anxiety, stress and any form of Negative mood. Sad people tend to get comfort from Music, when you are bored you can always count on a good music to keep you up and happy while on the other end music takes us back to memory lane of great Memories that actually makes us roll that tears down our cheek.ek.

Making the right decision when picking a product from the store, purchasing it online or downloading a Software matters a lot, what about deciding on what skill to acquire, how valuable and demanding it is and where to get it just right? These and many other areas of a Product is what we talk about, we take a deep delve into the nitty gritty of each products, giving you an in-depth insight into what actually works and what doesn’t worth your hard earned Money.

There are Millions of Websites if not billions out there and so many of them you really don't know about, like how valuable they are and how you could harness them to live better, some websites out there are making people Millionaires while some are transforming peoples life and Career by adding value to it, we take out the time to filter through such websites and give you a full analysis and thorough detailing on how you could use them to your own advantage.